Monday, February 11, 2008

Teen arrested for having "racist items"

February 2007- Curtis Hiett, a 17 year old high school student, was arrested. His crimes? According to WMAQ News in Chicago, Curtis Hiett said "some disturbing things" and "alarming comments" to some of his classmates. Police were called when school officials found material he had written. The young man had a noose made from a shoelace hanging from his rear-view mirror in his car, and had possession of a confederate flag.

Some kids at the school are claiming the young man is racist. So what? Being racist isn't a crime. I believe it is morally wrong, but this is America, where we are allowed to be racist and we are allowed to stand against racism.

It is unconstitutional to arrest someone because of what they say or write, or even for hanging a noose from their rear-view mirror. Hell, if they are going to start arresting teens for what they hang from their rear-view mirrors they ought to start with my Aunt Katie. For years her rear-view mirror decoration was a burned up, decapitated barbie! (And she turned out to be a solid, law abiding citizen!)

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