Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New U.S. Laws Make it Illegal to Threaten Violence

There was once a time in this country when a person had to commit a crime to be charged and convicted for the crime. This is no longer true. New laws about "Terroristic Threats" now make it possible for the government to charge and convict you of a crime that you did not commit- only talked about committing.

Have you ever, in anger, yelled "I'm going to kill you!" with no intention of actually harming the person? I have. I have also witnessed many who have done so. When we are angry we often say things we don't really mean, or threaten actions we would never actually take.

Have you seen the movie "Minority Report"? This movie illustrates what can happen when a government decides to arrest citizens not for crimes they have committed but rather for crimes they may commit.

American citizens are no longer able to make a choice to commit a crime or not- we will go to jail if the government believes we might commit the crime.